[![](https://github.com/mojolicious/mojo/workflows/linux/badge.svg)](https://github.com/mojolicious/mojo/actions) [![](https://github.com/mojolicious/mojo/workflows/macos/badge.svg)](https://github.com/mojolicious/mojo/actions) [![](https://github.com/mojolicious/mojo/workflows/windows/badge.svg)](https://github.com/mojolicious/mojo/actions) Mojolicious is a fresh take on **Perl** web development, based on years of experience developing the Catalyst framework, and utilizing the latest web standards and technologies. You can get started with your project quickly, with a framework that grows with your needs. The Mojo stack provides a consistent set of components that can be used in any project. The guides cover most aspects of using the framework and the components have comprehensive reference documentation. Mojolicious is a real-time web framework, which allows a new class of web applications using WebSockets and having long-running requests without blocking. Join us now, and be a part of a friendly and knowledgeable community of developers! ## Features * Most [popular](https://metacpan.org/favorite/leaderboard) distribution on **CPAN**. * An amazing **real-time web framework**, allowing you to easily grow single file prototypes into well-structured MVC web applications. * Everything you need to build cloud-native web applications for state of the art container environments. * Powerful out of the box with RESTful routes, plugins, commands, Perl-ish templates, content negotiation, session management, form validation, testing framework, static file server, CGI/[PSGI](http://plackperl.org) detection, first class Unicode support and much more for you to discover. * A powerful **web development toolkit**, that you can use for all kinds of applications, independently of the web framework. * Full stack HTTP and WebSocket client/server implementation with IPv6, TLS, SNI, IDNA, HTTP/SOCKS5 proxy, UNIX domain socket, Comet (long polling), Promises/A+, async/await, keep-alive, connection pooling, timeout, cookie, multipart, and gzip compression support. * Built-in non-blocking I/O web server, supporting multiple event loops as well as optional pre-forking and hot deployment, perfect for building highly scalable web services. * JSON and HTML/XML parser with CSS selector support. * Very clean, portable and object-oriented pure-Perl API with no hidden magic and no requirements besides Perl 5.26.0 (versions as old as 5.16.0 can be used too, but may require additional CPAN modules to be installed) * Also available for [JavaScript](https://mojojs.org). * Fresh code based upon years of experience developing [Catalyst](http://catalyst.perl.org), free and open source. * Hundreds of 3rd party [extensions](https://metacpan.org/requires/distribution/Mojolicious) and high quality spin-off projects like the [Minion](https://metacpan.org/pod/Minion) job queue. ## Installation All you need is a one-liner, it takes less than a minute. $ curl -L https://cpanmin.us | perl - -M https://cpan.metacpan.org -n Mojolicious We recommend the use of a [Perlbrew](http://perlbrew.pl) environment. ## Getting Started These three lines are a whole web application. ```perl use Mojolicious::Lite; get '/' => {text => 'I ♥ Mojolicious!'}; app->start; ``` To run the example with the built-in development web server, just put the code into a file and start it with `morbo`. $ morbo hello.pl Web application available at Test it with any HTTP client you prefer. $ curl I ♥ Mojolicious! ## Duct tape for the HTML5 web Use all the latest Perl and HTML features in beautiful single file prototypes like this one, and [grow](https://docs.mojolicious.org/Mojolicious/Guides/Growing#Differences) them easily into well-structured **Model-View-Controller** web applications. ```perl use Mojolicious::Lite -signatures; # Render template "index.html.ep" from the DATA section get '/' => sub ($c) { $c->render(template => 'index'); }; # WebSocket service used by the template to extract the title from a website websocket '/title' => sub ($c) { $c->on(message => sub ($c, $msg) { my $title = $c->ua->get($msg)->result->dom->at('title')->text; $c->send($title); }); }; app->start; __DATA__ @@ index.html.ep % my $url = url_for 'title'; ``` ## Want to know more? Take a look at our excellent [documentation](https://docs.mojolicious.org)!