Functions and vignettes to update a few data sets in ‘Ecdat’ and to create, manipulate, plot, and analyze some of those and similar data sets.


All read* functions in this package have been removed, because it wasn’t clear if anyone was using them. Other functions that called an Ecfun::read* function by default were also deleted, especially UShouse.senate, USsenateClass, and mergeUShouse.senate. These all scraped websites, and the demand for them seemed not to justify the work of maintaining them.




testURLs and read.testURLs have been removed, because it wasn’t clear that anyone was using them, and more modern tools are available from:

Thanks to Iñaki Ucar, Adam H Sparks, and Roy Mendelssohn for their replies to a question posted to R-Devel helped me understand what I needed to do to fix problems identified in the CRAN Checks.