Quantitative Psychology Tools

The following changes have been made since version 1.1 of Quantitative Psychology Tools

Changes to v. 1.2 1. Changed affiliation from @umsl.edu to @statefarm.com

Changes to v. 1.3 1. There was a grammar error in help files with examples involving boot() with mediation

Changes to v. 1.4 1. Corrected numerous help file errors (syntax issues) 2. Renamed 2 functions to eliminate a conflict with classes. 3. mean.center is now meanCenter 4. plot.normX (plot.normXm) is now plotNormX (plotNormXm) 5. Changes to plotNormXm, now incorporates a for loop 6. Added 2 new functions: ClassLog and NormalizeX

Changes to v. 1.5 1. Functions using sd() needed to be revised to sapply(MAT, sd) 2. Added minor to tweaks to make suitable for R 2.15 upgrade (e.g., 3. Changed library(PACKAGE) to require(PACKAGE) in examples)

Changes to v. 1.6 1. Changed affiliation to @gmail.com 2. Updated call to functions in stats and graphics in NAMESPACE 3. Dropped the use of attach/detach(data) and replaced with functions in purr and dpylr 4. Removed pdf generation from plotnormXm example 5. Re-compiled to work under R 4.2.0