clustrd: Methods for Joint Dimension Reduction and Clustering

A class of methods that combine dimension reduction and clustering of continuous, categorical or mixed-type data (Markos, Iodice D'Enza and van de Velden 2019; <doi:10.18637/jss.v091.i10>). For continuous data, the package contains implementations of factorial K-means (Vichi and Kiers 2001; <doi:10.1016/S0167-9473(00)00064-5>) and reduced K-means (De Soete and Carroll 1994; <doi:10.1007/978-3-642-51175-2_24>); both methods that combine principal component analysis with K-means clustering. For categorical data, the package provides MCA K-means (Hwang, Dillon and Takane 2006; <doi:10.1007/s11336-004-1173-x>), i-FCB (Iodice D'Enza and Palumbo 2013, <doi:10.1007/s00180-012-0329-x>) and Cluster Correspondence Analysis (van de Velden, Iodice D'Enza and Palumbo 2017; <doi:10.1007/s11336-016-9514-0>), which combine multiple correspondence analysis with K-means. For mixed-type data, it provides mixed Reduced K-means and mixed Factorial K-means (van de Velden, Iodice D'Enza and Markos 2019; <doi:10.1002/wics.1456>), which combine PCA for mixed-type data with K-means.

Version: 1.4.0
Depends: ggplot2, grid
Imports: rARPACK, tibble, corpcor, GGally, fpc, cluster, dplyr, plyr, ggrepel, ca, stats
Published: 2022-07-16
DOI: 10.32614/CRAN.package.clustrd
Author: Angelos Markos [aut, cre], Alfonso Iodice D'Enza [aut], Michel van de Velden [aut]
Maintainer: Angelos Markos <amarkos at>
License: GPL-3
NeedsCompilation: no
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