Most functions from {evprof} and {evsim} packages use an input parameter called sessions. This parameter requires to be a tibble, every row being an EV charging session and every column being a variable defining the charging characteristics in terms of time, power, energy, location, etc.

These variables must have standard names in order to use the functions without errors. The names of the variables used in evprof and evsim functions are provided by the object sessions_feature_names:

##  [1] "Session"                 "ConnectionStartDateTime"
##  [3] "ConnectionEndDateTime"   "ChargingStartDateTime"  
##  [5] "ChargingEndDateTime"     "Power"                  
##  [7] "Energy"                  "ConnectionHours"        
##  [9] "ChargingHours"           "FlexibilityHours"       
## [11] "ChargingStation"         "Socket"

Brief description of the mandatory variables to perform the profiling and modelling of EV user profiles:

Brief description of the optional variables:

Additionally to these variables, the sessions tibble will incorporate other variables from the methodology (e.g. Disconnection, Timecycle, Cluster, Profile, etc.) and every use case may have specific variables like the ID of users, postalcode, etc. Of course that there is no problem to add extra variables to the data set, the only condition is that the variables described above must have these specific names.

Some notes about these variables: