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R-package for interpretable nonparametric modeling of longitudinal data using additive Gaussian processes. Contains functionality for inferring covariate effects and assessing covariate relevances. Various models can be specified using a convenient formula syntax.

Getting started

See overview, tutorials, vignettes and documentation at https://jtimonen.github.io/lgpr-usage/index.html.


Installing from CRAN


Installing from CRAN is probably the easiest option since they might have binaries for your system (so no need to build the package from source yourself).

Installing from source

install.packages('devtools') # if you don't have devtools already
devtools::install_github('jtimonen/lgpr', build_vignettes = TRUE)
devtools::install_github('jtimonen/lgpr', ref = "develop")

Github installations are source installations (they require a C++ compiler).

Real data and reproducing the experiments

For code to reproduce the experiments of our manuscript see https://github.com/jtimonen/lgpr-usage. Preprocessed longitudinal proteomics data is also provided there. See also the built-in read_proteomics_data() function.