morepls: Interpretation Tools for Partial Least Squares Regression

Various kinds of plots (observations, variables, correlations, weights, regression coefficients and Variable Importance in the Projection) and aids to interpretation (coefficients, Q2, correlations, redundancies) for partial least squares regressions computed with the 'pls' package, following Tenenhaus (1998, ISBN:2-7108-0735-1).

Version: 0.1
Imports: pls, ggplot2, ggrepel, rlang
Suggests: plsVarSel, ggforce
Published: 2024-03-09
DOI: 10.32614/CRAN.package.morepls
Author: Nicolas Robette [aut, cre]
Maintainer: Nicolas Robette <nicolas.robette at>
License: GPL-2 | GPL-3 [expanded from: GPL (≥ 2)]
NeedsCompilation: no
Materials: README
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