This is a package in R that provides implementations of several baselines (Item/User Average and Most Popular Item Recommendation) and other well-known recommendation algorithms. In particular, two main families of recommendation algorithms (i.e., Collaborative filtering and Matrix factorization) are implemented, as shown in the following:

  1. Collaborative filtering
  1. Matrix factorization

rrecsys addresses the two most common scenarios in Recommender Systems:

All algorithms can run on a user-item rating matrix that holds data of either item ratings (e.g., 1-5 rating scale) or item purchases/views (e.g., purchased item or not purchased item). The package offers as well an evaluation methodology with the following standard metrics for the specific task:

Installation & Loading the package

The package is available on CRAN and as well on GitHub. To install it from CRAN:


Once the package is installed it can be loaded it in the environment: